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Voyager is a game of space exploration and exploitation. It is set in a time when scientific knowledge is far in advance of our own. Alien races meet head on in their drive to expand their horizons and divide the resources of the universe.

There are many ways to be successful in Voyager. Many people will have widely different ideas about what being successful means. Assuming one good indicator of success is wealth, there are many paths to success. Trade, exploration, colonization, mining, conquest and piracy are all good ways to get rich and there are many ways to go about each of them. There are many winners in Voyager. Everyone who enjoys themselves is a winner. There will be up to 50 people started in each game and no new empires will be added.

The rules are deliberately vague, we have not told you all the precise details of the game. Playing Voyager is not intended to be an exercise in mathematics, rather, a mysterious galaxy full of surprises. The figures we use are only abstractions and it is impossible to be totally specific in some places. Enjoy the game for its surprises and unexpected turns of events. Don't worry too much about trying to perfect everything in the game. Voyager is structured so the designers don't know what is the best course of action in many circumstances.