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Game 33 Stuff
Questions from GAME 33 Questions from GAME 33
post game questions comments post game questions comments
Game 33 universe some people have too much time...
  • Red is hexagram homeworlds
  • Green is alliance home worlds
  • Dark green is Andrew Bennett's home & colonies (he made the map)
  • Blue is neutral player home worlds
  • Grey is NPC home worlds
Misc (cont.)
Rules Changes 1/Mar/2001 -> 19/June/2001 Rules Changes 1/Mar/2001 -> 19/June/2001
Priorites Changes made before GAME 44
andy's tech proposal andy's tech proposal
Value Trilemma Value Trilemma
race generation race generation comments
Time Travel Questions about Time Travel
GMF the GMF debate (I really don't know why...)
The Led by Leader debate The Led by Leader debate (resolved)
Shield Generators Questions about Shield Generators
Tech Proposal We have selected proposal #3

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