Voyager FAQ


General Information

The rules

Q. Are the rules ambiguous?
A. Yes, unfortunately in places they are ambiguos, incomplete and confusing.
However, they are alot better than listening to idle gossip about how the game works.
In addition, I have had many bug reports about something been wrong, when
the report was based on an idle rumor which the rules flatly contradicted.
Unless you have seen evidence to the contrary, Trust The Rules!


Q. What is my password?
A. You can reset your password yourself.  Go to the Login/Registration page and click
	"Forgot password"

Getting Logged Off

Q. The game only lets me logon for a few minutes and then logs me out. Why?
A. The Voyager server logs you in for 1 day.
If this happens, then check the date / clock on your computer.

Entering my Race

Q. I having trouble entering my race - the browser isn't working.
A. If you are having browser problems click here.
If this happens, then check the date / clock on your computer.

Starting Situation

Starting BURPs

Q. I didn't start with 1000 BURPs. Why not?

A. The Extra Starting BURPs section of the rules states:
	Your race will begin the game with approximately 1,000 BURPs.

Worlds and World Ownership

Conquering worlds

Q. How long does an army need to be on a planet to capture it?
A.  Military units must stay on a world at least 1% of a turn to capture it. 

Conquering worlds

Q. If empire conquers a world, will they also capture any BURPs on the world?
A. Yes 

World Ownership

Q. World ownership is determined by first player to have population or set up a dome on a world. Does this mean if I have only a civilian unit on a world (say an REU) then another player could drop an REU onto the world and both REUs will happily mine away?
A. Yes 

Q. If civillian units are dropped onto an enemy world then they be captured if there are enemy military units present?

A. Yes, they will be captured. 

Q. If there are no enemy military units present then an REU will mine (but the enemy will gain the resources) while robots and sleepers will just sit there, unable to populate.

A. Yes, an REU would mine, and sleepers/robots would be unable to populate. 

World Ownership

I noticed you made some changes to the world ownership rules. I think they cover every contingency except this one: - empire A and B are at war. Empire A owns planet X. Empire A has population but no military units on planet X. Empire B lands a sleeper and an REU on planet X. What happens? - Does the REU mine with the resources going into Empire A's warehouse or is the REU captured or does the REU do nothing? - Is the sleeper captured or does it just sit there? These are probably pretty unusual situations but I thought the rules should cover every contingency.

Capturing Ship/Units

Capturing Ships

Q. Does the sort of sensors present on a ship affect its ability to capture another ship?
A. Yes - If you enter combat and use tractor beams.
See Capturing Military Ships during Battle
Q. Can a ship with Marines but only Basic Sensors still capture unarmed ships with the same chance of success as one with Marines and Battle Sensors?
A. Yes it will have the same chance of success


Pacifists bombing

Q. Can pacifists bomb planets?
A. No 

Military Units

Q. I'm about to try and invade a world with 70% slp. What do you suggest I send in three trade 4's. I really have no idea if it would be better to send a NAV 2, Hi Tec Air and High Tec Nav unit or replace the NAV2 for an INF4.

The rules say you get big bonus for NAV in high slp plus you get big bonus for different types of units. What should I send?

[Scott's Answer].  Tough Air units seem good in any situation where you have an
atmosphere to fly in (they suck in a vaccuum).  I always invade with at least
one air unit.  As a back up I'd send a second tough unit built for the world
type, in your case it could be navy or infantry.  Remember that earth is about
66% slp and infantry and navy both do well here.

[Michael's Answer].  My opinion is tech is the most important thing. After that
look at the world characteristics. The world characteristics such as the SLP
become more important when they are extreme - for example an AFV unit on a
99% SLP world is VERY poor. I would send the Hi-tech Nav (will do very well),
the Hi-tech Air (will do very well) and probably the INF 4 (not so good).

Security Zones

Q. I had a neutral empire enter a defended security zone of mine with no result. Why didn't I attack it?
A. Section 10.0 of the rules states:
	Pacifists will not fight each other even in security zones.  

Defensive Systems

Q. The X-ray laser description says that they are inhibited by Nuclear Dampers in the vicinity. Does this include the ships own Nuclear Dampers defences?
A. No. A ships defenses will never stop its own weapons (that would be silly).

Energy Screens

Q. Is an Energy Screen effective against Plasma Cannons? The description of a Plasma Cannon is that it emits "a huge mass of super-heated plasma".
A. A Plasma Cannon emits a mass, not an energy beam, hence Energy Screens do not help.


Trading between empires

Q. I'm trading with two other players, both of whom produce cultural
cargo, and it's being wierd, largely because we've stuffed it up.
Why did the following occur?

    Player A -> I declare him a trade partner, he remains neutral to me.
    Result -> his ship carries c.c. to *me*, I *don't* carry c.c. to him.

A. Player A's crew were confused and accidently collected cultural cargo.
They were confused because they were given conflicting orders. They were ordered
to trade with your empire, but their empire's stance towards your empire was

    Player B -> He declares me an ally, I remain neutral.
    Result -> neither ship carries c.c. to anybody.

A. For free trade of cultural cargo, you should ally or trade partner each other.

Domes and arcologies

Q. Can you mix and match races in domes and arcologies, i.e. can I put 50M oxygen breathing insects and 50M fluorine breathing humanoids into the same dome?
A. Yes

Robots building infantry units

Q. If I have only robots on a world, can I build military units?
A. Yes, but it must have robotic crew on it.
The INF 4 (R) and AFV 1 (R) have robotic crew on them.

Advanced Agriculture

Why can races that dont eat open Advanced Agriculture as a tech?
 If they have conquered a race which does eat.  
Does it actually increase the population limit of races which don't eat?
A. No, it only increases the population limit of races which eat. 

Sites and HULKS

Q. I *investigated* a site with a survey ship, and found a hulk that was not previously visible. Why did this hulk immediately showed up in my ship orders screen?
A. It was hidden, you found it and now you own it. 

Bringing Hulks back to your homeworld

Q. When Capturing a hulk in orbit around an unowned plannet how do you get it back to your home system does the collecting ship have to have the cargo space to fit the hulk inside it or can it get towed?
A. In voyager, there is no concept of "towing".
You have to send a transport/trade ship with a big enough hold and collect it.

Gen Mol Factories

Do Gen Mol Factories take orders, or do they just do their own thing?
Do their own thing - like REUs.
Of course can give them orders if you wish to, this will not
stop them from mining as long as they stay on a world with resources.

Pacifists defending each other

Will the ships and units of a pacifist fight to defend the possessions (worlds, ships and units) of an ally against a third empire with which the pacifist is not at war?
To do this, Pacifists can declare populated worlds of allies as security zones.
Example Will the armed ships of Empire 1 fight the war fleet of Empire 3 at world 1A?
Only if
	Empire 2 sets Empire 1 as an ALLY
AND	Empire 1 declares world 1A a security zone (using the sz order)

Sleepers on low LI worlds

Q. Can an unpopulated Sleeper unit that contains members of a certain race exist on a world whose Livability Index is too low to support populated population from that race?
For example, can an unpopulated Sleeper containing members of an oxygen breathing race exist on a vacuum world (for instance, so that another empire could capture them there)?
An unpopulated Sleeper unit can exist on a world whose Livability
Index is too low - they are in deep sleep.

The unit will refuse to populate on worlds with LI < 50.

government modifier

Q. I've got a colony (World 100A) of eco size 3 and it
seem to make exactly 1 burp *more* than it should. Why?
World100A   - BURPS generated using  6 cargo types    19
World100A   - BURPS generated from base income         0

A. This is due to the government "Economic modifier" (see Government Type Page).
Since you are a democracy, you are getting a 5% bonus on converting resources into BURPs


Q. Does the mass of a ship affect its chance to be hit in combat? I know that ships have a "dodge percentage" but does a ship's mass have any effect in of itself? For example, is a size 60 ship easier to hit than a size 30 ship which has the same "dodge percentage".
A. No, a weapon targeting these ships would have the same chance of hitting its target.
For example a missile would have the same chance of hitting a size 60 ship with 12 sublight drive
as it would of hitting a size 30 ship with 6 sublight drive.
Both ships have dodge percentage = 55%, see 15.7 Sub-Light Drive.

Entering Orders

Q.  I've been trying to order a FLYINGFROG to explore multiple star systems
that are (a) close to my homeworld and (b) close to each other.  I'm
hoping that it can explore both star systems in one turn and double my
chances of finding resources or a good world to colonise.

In Menu 6("Ship Orders"), I can order:
  FLYINGFROG[1]  explore s11 explore s12
but when I use Menu 18 ("Display Orders so Far") it shows the order as:
  SHIP[1] FLYINGFROG explore star # 11 

Is this because the additional explore order is being held over util next
turn or has it simply "forgotten" the second order becuase of a bug?

A.  Your order has not been "forgotten" or "held over util next turn";
Menu 18 ("Display Orders so Far") only shows the first order.
If you wish to see the full order click on the Status link in Menu 6.


Researching Technology 1

Why can't I research Bio-chem this turn. I don't think I have run out of things to research in this field.
Some technological innovation have pre-requistes.
Therefore you must perfect some of the technologies you have open at the moment
before you can open any more Bio-Chem fields.

Researching Technology 2

Will my scientists ever duplicate the same reasearch?
For example, could the following situation occur?
VT 14.00: Scientists estimate 19 BURPS worth of research towards the Artificial Agriculture.
VT 14.00: Scientists estimate 30 BURPS worth of research towards the Artificial Agriculture.
Yes, different groups of scientists working at different universities.
The BURPs will add though, resulting in 49 BURPs of spending towards Artificial Agriculture.

Researching Technology 3

I'm a mineral and an expert in engineering. In turn one I automatically have one field (Plasma Cannon) open. I spend the max allowable (10 burps) in Eng to open another field. In fact I get *three* new fields, reflective armour, warp fuel, and molecular engineering, leaving me with four open engineering fields.
Isn't the max supposed to be three?
Am I supposed to be able to open three techs simultaneously?
This is fine.
Technical Innovations can be in more than 1 field.

Researching Technology 4

Q. Why can races that dont eat open Advanced Agriculture as a tech?
So the races you subjugate can have bigger pop maxes.
If you don't want it, don't research it...
Q. Doesn't that mean it will blocks up a tech field for forever.
No it doesn't since its in Bio Chem
Q. Isn't there a limit on number of Biotech fields open?
Q. I havent been able to open a Biotech field for turns. Does that mean that i don't have any available to open?
You dont have any Biotech innovations to open.
Only bio techs with pre requistites are available,
so you have to perfect some Biotech innovations before you can open more.

Spending on Race Samples

Q. I found I could place 50 BURPs into research into Empire 44 race sample. I thought initially you could only ever put 10 into researching a field?
A> The rules (16.1) state:
	"Your empire must spend 10 BURPS on general research fields; this spending is limited to
	10 BURPS, since you are beginning a new line of research."
	"You can spend between 1 and 50 BURPS".
Race samples are not general research fields (see 16.2), so this means
that you can spend between 1 and 50 on race samples.

Race Samples

Can I get my a race sample for my own race? Why?
Somebody might capture your race and you might want to develop a germ for it.

building a ship that contains as yet unperfected technology

According to the rules, one can build a ship that contains as yet unperfected technology, although the cost is much greater. This is exciting, but doesn't actually seem to be possible in the game.
You need to discover a hulk, find the design at a site, or trade hulks
with another player.