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Government Type

The type of government that a race has determines to large extent how good it is at certain aspects of its existence. This is shown in the table below.
Government Type Technology Modifier Economic Modifier Reproduction Modifier Surface Combat Modifier
Anarchist Poor Poor Good Poor
Democracy Good Best Average Average
Monarchy Average Average Average Average
Communist Average Poor Average Average
Technocracy Best Average Poor Poor
Military Dictatorship Good Average Average Best
Religious Dictatorship Poor Good Excellent Excellent
Totalitarian Average Average Average Average
Hive Poor Excellent Best Good
Super Computer Excellent Good Good Poor

You should try and match your government type to your intended aims. Thus, if your race is one that wants to fight, choose a government type that is good at combat. If you want your race to rapidly reproduce, choose a government that is good at that. Note also the costs for each government type varies depending upon your organism type.

(C) Copyright 1990-2001 Michael Walklate, Graham Perry and Jon Oliver.